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It makes me mad when my wife and I buy something and have a problem with it and the manufacturers say, “Oh, that’s not covered in the limited warranty. Read the fine print.” It seems to me that a limited warranty protects the manufacturer, not the customer. Buying a hot tub is a major purchase, but few people understand what can go wrong. I put in a guarantee to protect the purchaser. I’m proud of the position Beachcomber has taken in looking after their customers after they purchase a hot tub. It’s still a young industry and people are not as familiar with buying a hot tub as they are with other household appliances. I recommend you check closely that you don’t buy a hot tub or spa with the limited spa industry warranty that has incorporated outright exclusions, limitations and disclaimers in their product. Beachcomber’s Guarantee is included on all our 700, 500 and 300 series hot tubs. “We protect you 100% with the Beachcomber Guarantee.”

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