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Keith Judy Standing 1

This is Beachcomber’s founder Keith Scott with his wife Judy, who together started Beachcomber in 1978 just outside of the beautiful city of Vancouver on the Pacific Coast. The Beachcomber Philosophy is simple. We build the best quality and most comfortable hot tubs in the world – and our family of exclusive distributors strive to treat every customer with the same care and respect we treat the people closest to us – our families. We build our business by taking care of our customers, one customer at a time. And they, in turn, recommend us to their friends. Our ultimate goal is to reduce stress, relax, and enjoy therapeutic health and wellness, with the recuperative healing powers of a Beachcomber Hot Tub for you. We are proud that we are able to distribute Beachcomber Hot Tubs into over forty countries around the world helping thousands of others find health, romance and family warmth right in their own backyard. Judy and Keith care passionately about what they do and work tirelessly to advance the products or services the industry provides. They are the heart and soul behind Beachcomber.

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