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No Insulation

Q: Can you explain your thoughts on hot tubs with little or no insulation?

In the late 70’s, we used to make hot tubs with little or no insulation. But since 1983, Beachcomber has said that filling in all 4 walls of the cavity below the hot tub/spa....

snow tub for Hybrid-sm

Q: What about Beachcomber’s Hybrid3 Cab Forward ESMS equipment freezing?

People suggesting this is nonsense! I have been making hot tubs since 1978 and started this 100% Cavity Filled insulation construction method in 1983. Beachcomber has been....


Is more hot tub insulation really better?

Certainly more insulation is best! The biggest misconception in hot tub construction is in the difference of opinions that hot tub and spa manufacturers have in the required....