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The new ‘title 20 law’ standard is now being enforced by the concerned governments in certain markets to verify claims about hot tub energy usage. We wanted a third party to verify Beachcomber’s results, so we sent our large, medium and small models to an independent laboratory to test our energy performance against the accepted hot tub industry maximum usage standards. We thought that all hot tub and spa manufacturers would want to verify their own energy usage amounts through an independent source; however, a disappointing number of only 23 hot tubs in total were sent in by just a handful of manufacturers. We are proud to say that 3 out of the 9 hot tubs that passed these new energy standards were Beachcombers. Since our first 4WALL insulated hot tub in 1983, we have never compromised our commitment to keeping energy costs low for our customers. Given Beachcomber’s outstanding results, we launched the new Hybrid Edition Hot Tub. We endeavor to make our hot tubs use the lowest energy possible yet at the same time deliver the maximum massage for the ultimate in relaxation. Embracing this quest of the lowest hot tub energy usage continually brings us new innovative ideas, so our customers can save money by reducing their operation and maintenance costs.

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