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 Jetting in Hot TubOne of the biggest misconceptions in our industry is that people believe the number of jets and pumps are what make the differences in hot tub pricing and even quality – this is not the case. Many hot tub and spa manufacturers will add into their seats as many ‘unidirectional jets’ as possible in an attempt to attract misinformed buyers. ‘Unidirectional jets’ are simple, single stream jets that are fixed and provide no movement for motion and massage. Imagine going for a massage and having the massage therapist not move their thumbs! Superior hot tub massage requires the use of jets that move the water pressure in kneading motions to break down scar tissue and increase blood flow to your deep muscle tissue – allowing it to relax and heal.

Jetting positions in the seats is an art and a science when it comes to getting the best massage. Jets that are positioned for quantity are rarely positioned to give the best massage. These can point at areas of your body that are not beneficial, or are even uncomfortable when massaged, and often push you out of the seat! The position of jetting should be thought out in terms of ergonomics, common stress points, and the best massage for all body sizes and types. Similarly, some hot tub manufacturers do not recess their jetting into the seats of their tub, forcing you to lift yourself away from the seat of the spa so as not to sit directly on the jet face – not a comfortable, relaxing experience.

A major problem with this style of hot tub jetting is that these manufacturers invariably put too many jets for their supplied motors. This means that only some seats can be active at one time, and that only some of the people in the hot tub can have a jet massage at one time. Complicated diverter-valve systems are used to force you to choose which seats receive pressure from the pumps. By using the right number of jetting locations, a hot tub is able to deliver a better massage to all the people in your hot tub.

To get the best value out of your hot tub purchase, be sure that you are getting a hot tub which gives the best massage, can power all jets in the tub at once, for every bather. Your tub should also be designed with human ergonomics and efficiency in mind, with the correct number of motion jets and the fewest number of motors or pumps necessary to give you the best massage.

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