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Spa Buyers today are often surprised at what they find once they become a spa owner. Things that were not fully explained, from little to no insulation at all, to unkempt wiring, incorrect water hydraulics, and many other issues – buyers today are the victims of low quality products. The spa and hot tub industry is still so young – only about 30 to 40 years old, and there is much confusion amongst the buying public about what quality is when purchasing a new spa. Independent studies on our industry confirmed that typical spas last about 5, to maybe 10 years before being thrown out. Divide a sample price of $7500 into a 5 year lifespan, or a 20 year lifespan. Using some simple math and averaging your purchase over time shows clearly that buying a top quality hot tub increases the life span – and the cost per use is lower. With a longer time of reliable service between replacement, you get more for your money. And in addition to maximizing your investment for your home, you can enjoy your experience more with higher quality without the headaches of problems caused by low quality. Plus – you save an amazing amount of money over time on electrical bills that a top quality, energy efficient spa brings you. Buy the best quality to give you and your family a better experience in every way.

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