Testing has proved Beachcomber’s low cost operation

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Icynene DemoFaced with electrical blackouts from appliances overusing the electrical grid, in 2008 the state of California notified the Hot tub Industry that energy guzzling hot tubs or spas would not be allowed to be sold within their state unless they passed their strict testing. Manufacturers were asked to pay for their own tests to be conducted, and Beachcomber voluntarily sent in their small, medium and large models to the California Polytechnic University to undergo independent energy testing. All 15 models of Beachcomber Hot Tubs have passed and we are proud to say that we outperformed the spa industry’s average energy consumption by up to 33%. As of June 2010, only 26% of North American hot tub/spa manufacturers had successfully passed this rigorous testing.

As all the testing results became public it was found that Beachcomber had not only passed on all 15 models we produce, but when testing was conducted on both of our most energy efficient Hybrid3 Hot Tubs we found that we have the single lowest energy consumption of the entire hot tub/spa industry. These test results combined with additional usage tests enabled us to determine the average energy consumption for all Beachcomber hot tubs. These usage tests were based on using the hot tub for a half hour every other day, as well as for one half hour with the high speed jet massage running for 15 minutes. We have achieved these lowest levels of energy usage with the use of state of the art hydraulic water flow systems, in conjunction with our computerized Energy Saver Management System (ESMS) along with combining this with one of the most scientifically proven R rating insulation products sprayed into every nook and cranny of our optional, completely filled cavity.

Like any other twenty–first century appliance Beachcomber has a moral responsibility to conserve our earth’s energy resources, without sacrificing anything in your health and recreational benefits. Your choice of a Beachcomber Hot Tub will allow you to enjoy our hot tubs in all four seasons at the lowest operational costs!

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